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St Mary’s Church, North Marston
Project: Rebuilding of the West Tower, Nave pilaster & French Drain
Contract Value: £178,000
Completion: DAC approval in 2004,
Work: Consultation with DAC, English Heritage, Archaeologist ,Structural Engineer, Planning Supervisor, PCC, etc. Working drawings and full specification and schedule of work. English heritage Grant obtained. Access Audit and Maintenance Plan completed. Contract administration and on site inspections were carried out.
Contractor: Boden & Ward
Specialists: Ralph l mills-structural engineer
Repair: Grant from English heritage-Clare Charlesworth
Diocese of Oxford-DAC(Diocesan Advisory Committee)
Network Archaeology watching brief.
JT Munby Oxford Diocesan Archaeology Adviser-Provided a recording Specification
  Experience Stonemason work and lime mortars. Working directly with English Heritage and obtaining their approvals at every stage. DAC approvals and experience gained together with working with the PCC.
  The rebuilding of the west tower of St Mary’s church Northmarston was completed in January 2006 by Boden & Ward Stonemasons Ltd for £178,000 using Stoke Ground stone. New decorative hood stops were designed to provide some history of the churches west window.  John Camden Neild (1780-1852) was a tight fisted miser who left all his money to Queen Victoria in his will and John Schorne who got the spring of water flower in times of a draught. The Royal family owed the village a debt of gratitude for this water and in the Middle Ages this well’s holy waters and John Schorne were said to have miraculous powers and it was Britains third most popular place of pilgrimage.The Church is a Grade 1 Listed Building and work to a high standard was required using conservation techniques.  The west tower is approximately 60 feet (18metres) high, it dates from the 15th Century.The tower was built of local Oving limestone which was no longer available, the parapets were later and built in a different limestone.  The masonry to the tower walls was very decayed and eroded, in places only 50mm of outer stone remained.  During 2002, the upper section of the tower walls were completely re-faced using Stoke Ground limestone, the parapets were taken down and re-built re-using the old stone.  The east wall had been re-faced down to the nave roof, the other three sides have been re-faced down to the belfry string course.

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