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Little Staughton Church

Project: Rebuilding of the Spire
Contract Value: 28,187.00
Completion: December 2007
Work: During the night of 21st and 22nd October 2006, thieves stole the copper lightening conductor from the church. In pulling it off the spire, they dislodged the top eight feet of the spire stonework. When it fell to the ground, it damaged the base of the spire, the embattlements on the north side of the tower and destroyed a gargoyle. The damage was extensive to this Grade 1 church. It was therefore expected to be some time before the spire would be fully restored. While some of the cost of restoration was covered by the insurance, there was a significant shortfall and a Spire Restoration Appeal was launched. In September 2007 work finally started and in December 2007 it was completed.  


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